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October 2, 2022

5:00 p.m.

Fresno City College, Theatre

Shouting Down Midnight


Country of Origin:



Gretchen Stoeltje

United States




In 2013, women shared real stories to help Texas State Senator Wendy Davis filibuster in

defense of Texas women’s access to reproductive healthcare. As the capitol filled to capacity

for the first time in its history, and people all over the world tuned in, Sen. Davis read

testimony from women strongly opposed to the bill which would effectively force draconian,

pre-Roe v. Wade conditions on women again. The bill ultimately passed, but not before

Texas women - and the men who love them - made it clear that day that the Texas

legislature had gone too far. Forcing debate on the bill provided citizens a view of the

process and a role in demanding accountability from their elected representatives. People

were activated. Lives were transformed.History was made.Our characters are women whose

letters Senator Davis read during the filibuster, Senator Davis herself, and one young

activist who chose her fate that day. Since then, we’ve followed these women to understand

how that day changed their lives, and why the fight for reproductive freedom is more

important than ever.

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