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October 1, 2022

4:00 p.m.

Fresno City College, Theatre

Mama Bears


Country of Origin:



Daresha Kyi

United States




MAMA BEARS is an intimate, thought-provoking exploration of the journeys taken by Sara

Cunningham and Kimberly Shappley, two “mama bears”—conservative, Christian mothers

whose profound love for their LGBTQ+ children has turned them into fierce advocates for the

entire queer community—and Tammi Terrell Morris, a young African American lesbian whose

struggle for self-acceptance perfectly exemplifies why the mama bears are so vitally important.

Shot in a poetic, deeply intimate style, MAMA BEARS uses social media posts, home movies,

photographs, personal journals, blogs, interviews, and cinema verité footage to explore the

complex intersections of politics, religion, faith, and true, unconditional love.

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