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October 1, 2022

11:30 a.m.

Fresno City College, Theatre

Discovery Youth Shorts


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Pray the Gay Away Dir: Chang-Min Jonathan Hyon | US | 11 min

In English and Korean with English subtitles

Danny, a queer, Korean high schooler, becomes invisible after an intense prayer group literally prays the gay away. Will he ever be seen again?

Tell Tyler

Dir: Frankie Joe Gommon | UK | 12 min

In order to complete his coming out journey, Adam must tell his childhood best friend, Tyler, that he is gay. Slight problem: Adam is in love with Tyler, and Tyler has a girlfriend.

Picture Perfect

Dir: Mara Leroux | US | 8 min

When Amari's parents learn of her transgender boyfriend's identity while taking photos before homecoming, her parents disapprove of their relationship.

Rose Skirt

Dir: Angel I-Han Teng | Taiwan | 19 min

In Chinese with English subtitles

Inspired by a true event of teenage boys wearing skirts to school, Rose Skirt is a queer coming-of-age short that depicts the ambiguity of growing gender consciousness in teens. The story focuses on a teenage boy, Yen, who confronts his desire for feminine expressions while struggling with the sense of guilt and shame. Eventually, he realizes his internalized homophobia is the reflection of his fascination for femininity. This film is dedicated to Rose Boy Yeh Yung-chih.

Black Box

Dir: Alana Mango | US | 4 min

An astronaut encounters an unexpected emergency while on a routine mission, and finds himself jettisoned into space. Isolated, afraid, and losing oxygen, an emotional revelation may provide the will he needs to survive. Black Box is a story of victory over fear, survival against all odds, and the courage of love.

Spirit Day

Dir: Annie Knight, Greg Shea | US | 9 min

'Spirit Day' follows Frankie, a lonely middle-schooler, as they pick a costume for their school's upcoming spirit day with the help of their imaginary friend, Mac. However, choosing an outfit proves more complicated than expected, prompting questions of presentation and identity.

THIS SERIES IS FOR YOUTH AGES 14 - 21. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS MAY ACCOMPANY YOUTH. Free youth tickets are subject to age verification and available seating. Ticket purchase is not required for entry.

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