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October 1, 2022

2:00 p.m.

Fresno City College, Theatre

Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor


Country of Origin:



Shelley Thompson





John Andrew’s estranged son Donald is now Dawn, and she’s come home to mourn her mother and keep her promise to repair her relationship with her Dad. Restoring the tractor her mother learned to drive on becomes a focus for the mechanically minded Dawn. John Andrew begins to realize that if he’s to reclaim this relationship, he has to come out with Dawn, and what better setting than the community tractor trials — an event Miranda created as a tireless village volunteer — where he proudly cheers for his daughter Dawn, as she enters the arena at the wheel of the lovingly restored tractor.

THIS SERIES IS FOR YOUTH AGES 14 - 21. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS MAY ACCOMPANY YOUTH. Free youth tickets are subject to age verification and available seating. Ticket purchase is not required for entry.

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