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October 1, 2022

4:00 p.m.

Fresno City College, Old Administration Building



Maris Curran

Country of Origin:



United States




Filmed in striking vérité, this portrait of competitive bodybuilder and lesbian single mother,

JEANNETTE unfolds as an intimate story of balancing the relentlessness of daily existence

with the realities of living through trauma. Set in the aftermath of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub

mass shooting, Jeannette seeks support and healing through community while she

continues to coach fellow survivors at the gym, contend with a strained relationship with her

Puerto Rican mother, and raise her teenage son. As her life begins to calm, Hurricane María

hits Puerto Rico and Jeannette is thrown back into crisis mode.

Skirting sensationalism to focus on the tenderness of healing, director Maris Curran has

created an unforgettable window into one woman's life -- her strength and vulnerability -- in

the aftermath of trauma.

JEANNETTE is a film about resilience that gives an audience the opportunity to move past

the headlines and ask: in the wake of tragedy, how do we move toward wholeness?

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